In 1906, the church renovated its interior. The Daily Star, October 31, 1906 wrote, “The body of the church has been frescoed throughout." The stained glass windows appeared afterwards from 1907-1917 and complemented that renovation.
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1906 Renovation- the Setting for the Windows

How much did the 1906 renovation play into donors’ decision to place windows here ? In any case this is the church interior they appeared.


About Hans Fischer

Hans Fischer’s galleries are some of the best photographs of St. George’s windows. Come see why.

Beautiful Faces

The faces of a century ago that resonate with us today.

Creation of Stained Glass Windows

What are the steps of creating a stained glass windows ? There are many choices to be made.


Who gave the windows to the church in the amazing decade 1907-1917 ?


Grant Report – Angel of Victory

This was the first Tiffany window we repaired in 2011. We received a grant from the “Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River region” and provided a fully documented report

Grant Report – Road to Emmaus

This was our second Tiffany repaired and was done in 2012 by Stained Glass by Shenandoah. After the work was done we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the window in September, 2012 with members from the family at a church service in St. George’s.

Grant Report – Angel of the Resurrection

This was the third and last Tiffany restored by Stained Glass by Shenandoah in 2014 on the 100th year of its installation. The work was funded by a grant from the Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region.


Louis Tiffany and his Techniques

Louis Tiffany’s background led him to create many types of glass for his windows. Ten Techniques are present in all 3 of St. George’s Tiffany windows.

Newspaper clippings on the Windows

1. Colgate Windows- Deborah and Barak,Christ with the Children 2. St. Paul Before Agrippa 3. Road to Emmaus 4. Angel of the Resurrection -1914 5. Angel of the Resurrection -2014

Detail above the chancel windows left. This is Chi Rho symbolism. You can see it in the Chi Rho stained glass window on the nave level

Photography of St. George’s, interior – 1906

Religious symbolism which is part of the windows was also an integral part in the 1906 renovation show here in a Chi-Rho symbol. See more closeups of the interior of the church in the early part of the 20th century.

Re-dedication of the Nativity Window, May 27, 2018

On May 27, 2018 at its 10am service St. George’s rededicated the Nativity/Christ the King window on the closest date to its 75th anniversary (May 30, 1943). We were fortunate to have 3 members of the family.


Restoring the Font/Ark Window

The Font/Ark window on the Princess Anne Street wall presented special problems not only for the window itself but also timing for other events happening during early 2008 in the church.

St. George’s Basic Stained Glass listing

A basic table listing of our windows

St. George’s Stained Glass Windows

A detailed, catalog listing of the windows, including the donors, description and artistic characteristics


Stained Glass in the morning

Between 8am and 10am in the winter, the windows come alive on the south side as the sun hits those windows. Depending on your angle of viewing the window can look very different.


Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

We have been repairing and restoring the windows since 2008. Here is a brief history of our progress.

Stained Glass Styles at St. George’s

What are the 4 major stained glass styles represented at St. George’s?

Symbols in the Stained Glass Windows

Symbols appear throughout St. George’s windows. What do they mean ?


The Ardmore Photo – George Street when the windows were installed

Mr. Robert McCormick of Ardmore, PA contributed a valuable picture to us in April, 2015 which shows the stained glass windows on the south side or George Street side. The picture is labeled 1910. But there is evidence that it is earlier.



A simple timeline of when the windows were installed