The Ardmore Photo – George Street when the windows were installed

During Easter week 2015, we received a new picture of St. George’s from a Mr. Robert McCormick of Ardmore, PA who had received it from a list of owners. The picture is unique in that it shows a close up of the George Street side of the church in the early 20th century. The other known picture of this side at this time was taken around 1908, a block away and is part of Quinn’s The History of the City of Fredericksburg .

The McCormick picture contains far more detail. The picture was labeled as 1910. However, it may be earlier – 1908. The furthest window in the picture is our window #1, a picture of Deborah and Barak from the Book of Judges.

Here are first four windows on the south side extending east on George Street – Thurible, Nativity, Angel of Victory, Three Women at the Tomb. The first three clearly are diamond paned. Thurible is 1908 and the Nativity and Angel of Victory are later. (Tiffany had not come to St. George’s).

And a closeup…

The Daily Star in October, 1907 carried a story about the dedication of the first window, Deborah and Barak. That is the window on the far right. The window in the above picture clearly has stained glass. The next window to the left is obscured by a tree.
The third window from right to left, “Three Women at the Tomb” was dedicated in 1908 according to our records though we have never found confirmation of the actual date in the newspapers. The window in this picture does not have stained glass. Thus, a best guess is that this picture could have been taken sometime between April and October, 1908, given the full leaf cover.