Grant Report – Angel of the Resurrection

This window was given in memory of Alexander Keene Phillips (1805-1892) and Annie Douglas Phillips, 1835-1913) by their children. It was made by Tiffany and dedicated July 5, 1914. It was the second Tiffany window installed at St. George’s.

Alexander K. Phillips, a commission and grain merchant, was involved in many Fredericksburg businesses including banking as the first president of the National Bank of Fredericksburg from 1865-1871, a brew house, warehouse and lumber yard. He owned 550 acres in Stafford and on his property he created “Mulberry Hill”, a two story Gothic revival home. It was one of the few homes with indoor plumbing – a tank supplied water which rang through silver faucets and into marble wash basins. The home was occupied by the Federal army during the Battle of Fredericksburg and witnessed the first telegraph transmitted orders from a rear headquarters to a front-line unit actively engaged in battle. Unfortunately it burned in February, 1863. The Commission House in Fredericksburg was built for him in 1875 and still stands.

The main issues which were apparent:

1. Lack of ventilation system.
2. Window appeared “foggy” creating a darker window inside.
Window glass on outside prevented viewing interior of window inside the Church.
3. Gap in the lower frame
4. Chips in the caulking, left, right and top
5. There was a need to replace the existing glass with safety glass for a better protective covering.
6. Top of frame is extremely dirty. Crack appears in wood. Some cracking of caulking

This window was repaired on the 100th anniversary of its installation in 2014. We again received a grant from the Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region. Unfortunately, we could not locate a relative of Alexander Phillips to rededicate the window.